Document and support children's learning, together.

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Engage parents and gain a holistic view of a child’s development
Link to early learning frameworks or curriculum, to document, observe and reflect over time
Demonstrate your planning cycle and support intentional, emergent practice
Save time by streamlining reporting processes
Reflect on emergent interests, learning, curriculum use and children's progression
Document and show your continuous professional learning in your individual educator portfolio

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Storypark is a values-based social enterprise working to make a difference for children, families and teachers around the world.

  • Helping grandparents and working parents
     be more included in a child's learning
  • Providing better insights for children with
     supported learning needs
  • Dramatically improving communication and connection between parents and educators
  • Supporting a more effective transition
     between early learning services and schools
  • Saving educators time and enabling them to
     spend their time more effectively

Our users tell us Storypark is:

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Time saving features designed to help educators

  • Learning stories and observations
  • Community features
  • Integrate your curriculum
  • Mobile access
  • Management settings
  • Reports and insights
  • Educator portfolios
  • Plan and respond
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    Capture and share learning as it happens

    Take photos, record videos and create beautiful stories.
    Parents can follow on from the activities that occurred for
    their child earlier in the day, extending their learning.

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    It takes a community to raise a child

    Communicate and engage with your entire learning community.
    It’s a great way to share news, get the word out about any
    events, or to discuss topics and gather feedback.

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    Link to learning

    Select, create and customise the curriculum, framework or philosophies
    that you use at your service. Observe progression over time.

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    Anywhere, anytime, from any device

    Record learning, give feedback and receive updates on your
    internet-enabled device from wherever you are.

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    Stay on top of things

    Group children with their teachers, turn on 'story approval' if you want
    to review other teachers work before it's published, upload all the
    children at your service in one go and much more.

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    Monitor what's happening at your service

    See which children have stories and if any children are missing out.
    Observe the use of curriculum and support the work of teachers. Compare and analyse learning outcomes over time.

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    Take time to reflect

    Reflect on your practice, goals, assessment, registration criteria and standards.
    Other educators (i.e. a head educators/mentor) can offer their feedback by
    leaving comments or adding their own reflections.

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    Evidence your planning cycle

    Linking documentation to goals, projects or interests helps show progression for individuals and groups of children. Plan privately as a team or include parent aspirations.

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Why Storypark?

  • Our partnership is built on a common goal of encouraging innovative, high-quality early learning environments.
  • Encyclopedia recognizes the value that Storypark offers to the early childhood sector as a unique, child-centred platform.
  • Trusted by thousands of centres across the world.
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The goal of the Encyclopedia is to have as many parents, family members and professionals as possible benefit from the latest and most useful research on children's development. Storypark is clearly one of the most thoughtful an innovative technology companies that will help us to achieve this goal."

- Richard E. Tremblay, co-editor of the Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development